We are looking for beta testers for our new Outdoor Aficionados app

The personal hiking and safety assistant for outdoor enthusiasts!

Discover the new generation application for planning and going out in kind.

How is working

Marmots are social animals and are often found in large groups. They play an important role in their ecosystems and provide a unique glimpse into the complex and interrelated systems that make up the natural world. Marmots are known for their ability to whistle loudly to signal the presence of danger.

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    Download the App

    Join the community of « marmots » and enjoy the outdoors! One life! Enjoy it!

  • Set-up

    To make the application my travel companion!

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    Joining a hike

    You can organize a hike for you (solo hike) or with your friends or simply you can join one open and make new friends.

  • On the trail

    I have a visualization of the whole hike, the other members and the dangers spotted on the way!

  • Hazard alert

    I can visualize hazards on the way ( broken bridge, wild animal, avalanche, fire, etc) and report if I encounter so others can hike safely

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    I act

    SOS signals are visible in a 15 km radius around me. I can go help if I am around. I can also send a distress alarm if I need it, the other marmots are going to see it.

The personal hiking & safety assistant for outdoors lovers.

Outdoor Aficionados is a crowd-sourced, geo-localization app developed to assist you in planning and safely navigate while on the trails. You can organize your hike, get in touch with others and signalize a danger or send you distress signal in a 15 km square area to get faster help or you can help someone in danger if you are close to them.

New features will be added on the route, we are in V1 , we are just starting, so don’t be surprised that there are not many hikes proposed or lack of content. It’s a crowd-sourced, feel free to propose a hike, invite your friends and enjoy!

For your activity you’ll be rewarded, money prizes, gifts, early access to outdoor products launch, discounted prices on accommodations and much more to come.

We are looking for brand ambassadors and country representative clubs to join us!

Features V1

  • S.O.S. push-button
    In case of emergency send a distress signal in the network and users in 15 km radius we’ll be able to see and reach you to help and wait with you until the rescue service arrive.
    You can of course send the distress signal with the gps localizations to national rescue service and/or to the contact list/family. Your phone will act like a SOS beacon.


  • No monthly/ yearly fee, it’s free


  • Danger on the trail
    You can notify the network with a simple click if you encountered a potential dangerous wild animal on the hike or an avalanche, fire going wild or any other terrain issue. An icon we’ll appear on the maps so you can help keeping everyone safe and informed.


  • Organize a trip
    You can organize and propose a hike to the public and people can join you or you can organize it with a close group of friends. You can see in an area what open trips are proposed if you are alone and want to join a group


  • Gathering point ( the flame)
    You will be able to see the gathering points on the map, icon is the flame and join other groups, make new friends and share your experiences.

Refuge/mountain cabin/chalet owners – free to join !
Pls. get in contact by email : contact@outdooraficionados.com

Coming soon:

• In the next weeks we’ll launch our brand shop, exclusive products for the community.
• If you have an idea or you are talented in product design, feel free to propose the product to the community and we’ll integrated in OAF brandshop
• The OAF points you earned during the year by using the app we’ll be transformed in real money value products or services
• members exclusive: Annual gathering organized by OAF – somewhere in the world were the communities are more active
• and more

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